Monday, October 27, 2008

Little girl ain't so little

Peanut, you turned 14 today.

I sit here, maybe 20 feet from you.

Sleeping, you are.

I can still hear your breath.

Its late and its been a busy day. Up at 6 and off to school by 7. You looked cute with your cheer jacket on. Thanks for giving me a kiss before you left. My day always goes better when you do. I feel like that is one thing I can hang onto that makes me feel important in your life. You haven't forgotten me.

School, study, cheer practice and home at 7:30.

Some days my heart aches for you. As much as I want to protect you, I can't. I don't want you to hurt. I don't want you to feel rejection or disappointment or loss.

Never the less, I send you off to school each day to learn and experience life.

I hope I have done you well, thus far. I've tried. I love for all that you are. You are my ray of sunshine.

Mac & cheese, broccoli, srawberry soda and red velvet cake. Its what you wanted for dinner. Obviously I've failed you on the nutrition front. I'm sorry.

I love you little one. I hope 15 is even better.

All my love, Dad

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