Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tricks of the trade?

My little girl is a freshman in high school.

I got to help her with homework tonite and I pulled out a serious Daddy trick.

I must preface my "trick" by saying that I was born and raised in California. Learning to drive the crowded freeways and back alleys of Los Angeles seems like a hundred years ago. But, I got used to smog, traffic and knowing the best way around an accident at rush hour. I can run a pic on anyone, at anytime. There is much satisfaction from doing so.

In California cars are required to have license plate on the front and back bumper.

Peanut needed to come up with a personalized license plate that related to or described her in some way. In comes Dad. I have a nack for understanding what people are trying to say through their plates. It started as a young child and there is rarely a plate I can't figure out.

When she first brought it up, we thought of a bunch normal stuff. Cheerleader (CHRLDR) Swim girl (SWIMGRL) Fast swimmer (FSTSWMR) Cheernut (CHERNUT) etc. But, alas, Daddy Dearest is not so pedestrian.

When I was about 18 years old I was driving through a shopping center parking lot. There was a small sports car with a strange plate. When I saw it I was immediately intrigued. I was stumped. It made absolutely no sense. As I drove away, it hit me what that guy was trying to say.

We finally decided on......3NPAXAS

The guys in the parking was......VA3BTA3


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Anonymous said...

I am so not good at figuring out those things-what do they mean?